Why is digital marketing so important?

Today digital marketing is seen as a great opportunity for companies and start-ups who want to improve their online business or want to start a new business. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming the main focus of many successful businesses and brands. The first question that could be asked is: How important is it to focus on digital?

Today we live in a world in which the spread of technological tools such as smartphones and tablets and the growing interest in social networks is leading companies to consider this area seriously and to allocate appropriate budgets. Digital marketing has the peculiarity of reaching many more users than a form of traditional offline communication, stimulating the creativity of consumers to trigger those long-awaited mechanisms of viral marketing and buzz marketing. Let’s have a look at why digital marketing is so important!

Digital marketing: why it is so important?

The Digital Marketing, understood as online advertising, is" the set of digital marketing activities using web channels to grow its sales network, predict trends, analyze market trends and create offers on the target user or customer profile." Digital marketing is therefore used to promote services for businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to increase customers and sales.Marketing activities include advertising with Google (SEM and SEO), Facebook Ads, DEM, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, E-Commerce Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Why use digital marketing tools to grow your online business?

Through a digital strategy, specific and measurable objectives can be established to reach your potential customers much more easily and retain them.

The main advantages of digital marketing:

  • The ability to interact with your potential customers and understand exactly what they are looking for.
  • Ability to reach a global market through a content strategy.
  • Know and create a loyalty relationship with your audience, interacting with them to increase brand awareness.
  • Involve users through social networks using an effective social media marketing strategy that aims to increase your online reputation.
  • With Digital Marketing tools, it is possible to track and monitor user actions in real-time to improve your digital strategy.
  • Measurable results, measuring your online activity through web analytics to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. You can get detailed information on how customers use your website and get real feedback on audience interactions.
  • Design personalized experiences by improving the user experience of its users and a strategy that aims to speed up the loading of pages on mobile devices. You can use DEM campaigns created specifically for the customer to increase visits to your site.
  • Multichannel marketing, possibility to create and manage engaging campaigns independently through the combination of multiple channels. For instance, data collection, targeting, and personalization activities are carried out to increase the performance of each individual channel.
  • Conversion rate optimization, techniques to get more visitors to your website and then convert them into customers: access Statistics to your website, market analysis, surveys, A / B tests, etc.

Once these elements are put together, you can create your digital marketing strategy to achieve your company's sales goals.The world of digital marketing is very vast and constantly evolving. For this reason, professional figures with specific skills are needed. If you are interested in how we can help you develop your digital marketing strategy, contact Additude.