Top Three Strategies Small and Medium Scale Businesses Need to Adapt now to Thrive post-COVID.

As the impact Coronavirus is having on our health and health systems was not enough, the situation and changes it has caused are affecting many and various areas of our everyday life. The way we move, the way we hang out, have fun, go shopping, and - more importantly - the world of work. We can’t wait for our lives to get back to normal, because it’s already too late. Small and Medium Business owners need to react now. They need their business to adapt to the new social distancing rules, ensuring the safety of both workers and clients. Also, since the daily life of many people is changed, they may need to re-think the ways they used to reach their clients. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 3 strategies businesses need to adapt to thrive post-COVID. Some businesses could be more ready than others to make such changes; however, these 3 strategies are the fundamental ones to react to the COVID situation before it’s too late.

1. Advertise online

Online businesses may be already used to advertise online. But traditional ones need to start re-thinking the way they advertise their business and start doing it online. Think about it: with people practicing social distancing and avoiding crowded places, with festivals and parties prohibited in many areas, what’s the point of advertising with billboards, flyers, or other traditional methods?

The internet was already doing its revolution before COVID; the pandemic only speeded up the process. For this reason, online advertising is now the best strategy to reach old and new clients, and make your business survive the global recession.

If you don’t know where to start with online advertising, check platforms such as it’s a comprehensive platform that can offer various services to help you advertise online even if you have zero experience in the field.

2. Use digital Assets to boost your financial situation

This may not seem the ideal time for your business to make new investments. The vast majority of businesses have faced a period of loss of income. These are also difficult times to try new things. Everything has become more difficult: reaching your collaborators, finding new clients, and narrowing the field to those activities that can be done respecting social distancing. Again, the Internet can come in help. There are digital tools that you can use to boost your financial situation in various and sometimes very simple ways. offers another example: it provides a Demand Side Platform through which you can rent, buy, and sell online ad spaces. It could become a brand new and profitable source of income for your business!

3. Go Digital: Re-think your infrastructure or even your products/services

As you may have already guessed in the course of this article, one of your best chances to survive this crisis is to go digital. Some businesses are more ready than others. For some traditional and local businesses, the change could be very hard: but it needs to be done. If you didn’t use to sell your products or offer your services online, but you realize that you could, do it. If you can’t sell your products/services online, then your only chance is to find a way of using the infrastructures you have to produce new products or offer new services.